I wanted to try out some new Halloween treats so I enlisted the help of my Grandma, and we got to baking up some amazing Halloween Candy Concoctions for Opie Joe to taste test! 

Each recipe was super simple! We made some treats that we've never tried before and a couple that we put some new twists on. We made four different delicious treats and I asked Opie Joe to try them all and give me a ranking of 1-4 on how much he liked each one. 1 being his favorite and 4 being his least favorite. 


4. SKITTLES POPCORN - Out of all the recipes this was by far the most tedious. Grandma actually quit on me after I made her help me separate all of the colors from a 2 pound bag! I actually agree with Opie on this one too. It was a new experiment and one that I personally wont try again. The popcorn was sticky and not really my favorite taste and I LOVE SKITTLES! 

3. WHITE CHOCOLATE FUDGE W/ CANDY CORN AND FALL M&M'S - Yummy!! Grandma and I had never made fudge before so we were excited to try our hands at it. It was such an EASY and SIMPLE recipe. One I will use again. The only thing I will say about the fudge was that it was so sweet! A little too sweet for me but if you have a sweet tooth then try this one out! 

2. TRIPLE FUDGE SNICKERS BROWNIES - WOOOOW these were delicious! Opie's favorite Halloween candy is Snickers so I knew I had to bake something that incorporated them. I used the Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate Fudge brownie mix and they came out perfectly! Another simple recipe to try out with the kiddos. 

1. REECES RICE KRISPY TREATS - CROWD FAVORITE - After Opie had his share, I put all of the treats in the kitchen for the rest of my co-workers to try out and these were definitely the winner by far! If you love peanut butter and chocolate then you will love these. They were Opie's favorite, my favorite and Grandma's favorite! You really cant go wrong with Rice Krispy Treats with a full Reeces in the middle! 

Carina Lime & G-Ma


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